What causes the occasional vibration of the double shaft shredder

    The double axis shredder has many benefits such as wide tearing boundary, and the particle size of the torn products is relatively balanced. The style is spherical particles. The shredder is being improved with high specific degree and high output value. The use time of the double axis shredder is accompanied by noise, which is normal compared with the usual. However, we should be clear about how each situation is. If the tumbling sound of the double axis shredder forms intolerable noise at the time of production, we need to pay attention. Now the double axis shredder manufacturer should inform the buyer what methods should be used to solve this situation.

    Cause analysis of double shaft shredder rolling:

    1. Careless rotor of double shaft shredder: copper sheet can be padded on the bottom surface of pillar bearing seat or adjustable wedge iron can be added at the bottom of bearing to ensure that the two shaft heads are careful. The original dynamic balance is damaged: after electromechanical repair, dry dynamic balance is required to ensure the paired balance of the whole seat.

    2. Carelessness of electromechanical rotor and crusher rotor: it doesn't hurt to move the electromechanical position left or right, or add pads under the electromechanical soles to mobilize the attention of the two rotors.

    3. Part of the vibration is poor: the coupling and electromechanical combination can be mediated by relative ideas according to different categories of couplings: when the quality of hammer pieces is uneven, each group of hammer pieces shall be selected from scratch to make the fault of relatively symmetrical hammer pieces less than 5g.

    4. The machine has grown from a simple shredder to a variety of current series of shredders. The planning is becoming larger and larger. The company's main products, metal shredder, tire shredder, wood shredder and double shaft shredder, have diversified products and wide use range. Please identify professional manufacturers when purchasing shredder settings.

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